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Rickmers Jakarta
Rickmers Jakartabeliebt
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Der Schwergutfrachter " Rickmers Jakarte " passiert hier im April 2006 das Steubenhöfft in Cuxhaven. | IMO 9292010 | Tragf. 29900 tdw | Länge 192,99 m | Breite 27,80 m | Tiefg. 11,20 m | Geschw. 19,4 kn | Baujahr 2003 |

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Einfach TOLLES Bild
GL-Register-No. 110429
IMO-No. 9292010
Call Sign V7FE9
Offical-No. 1921
Flag Marshall Islands
Port of Registry Majuro
Crew Size 36
Owner Willric Shipping Co. Ltd.
Manager Columbia Shipmanagement (Deutschland) GmbH
Nautical Equipment Echo Sounder; Gyro Compass
Radio Navigation Equipment Radar
Propulsion Motor Ship

[Proof of damage stability has been furnished and built under supervision of GL] 100 A5 E with freeboard 4.318 m
Multi-Purpose Dry Cargo Ship
Strengthened for heavy Cargo, Equipped for Carriage of Containers

[Built under supervision of GL] MC E AUT

Legend of Notations - see also GL-Rules e.g. I-Part 0, Classification and Surveys
E Ice strengthening
G Strengthened for use of grabs
IW Equipped for in-water surveys
NAV-O One-man control consol
SOLAS-II-2,Reg.19 Dangerous Goods
DBC Bulk Cargoes Code
C2P56 Subdivision, damage stability
AUT Unattended machinery spaces
Special Remarks
Anchor(s) / Chains AK3 = Anchor and Chains according to GL-Rules, Chains made of special extra quality steel
Anchor Equipment No. / Numeral 138 / up 2530 to 2700
3 Anchors, Weight each 7800 kg
Anchor Chain Length 632.50 m
Note for Anchor Equipment For high holding power anchors and for special anchor equipment see our Construction Rules.

Tonnage Type Convention'69
Length overall 192.99 m
Registered Length 183.56 m
Registered Breadth 27.80 m
Moulded Depth 15.50 m
Draught 11.200 m
Gross Tonnage 23119
Net Tonnage 9752
Deadweight 29900.80 t (acc. to Owners' statement, of tankers as calculated by GL)
Ballastwater 12229 m3
Fuel 2908 m3

Shipbuilder / Place Xiamen Shipyard / Xiamen
Yard Number 439G
Keellaying 2002-05-29
Launching 2003-06-16
Completion 2003-11-28
Forecastle 37.96 m
Poop 16.00 m
Number of Watertight Bulkhead(s) 7
Number of Continuous Deck(s) 2
Double Bottom Type Double bottom, continuous from peak to peak bulkhead
Longitudinal Frames Built on longitudinal frames
Material Shipbuilding steel (higher tensile)
Largest Hatch Length = 32.00 m / Breadth = 10.21 m
Capacities - according to Owners' statements
Number of 20ft Containers 1864
Special Arrangements
Loading Instrument Seacos GmbH - MXMACS3
1 Transverse thruster 900 kW, forward
Lifting Device(s)
2 Cranes, each 320 t
1 Crane 100 t
1 Crane 45 t
One Elevator(s)
Type Service lift
Manufacturer Dae Myung Elevator Co., Ltd.
Year of Manufacture 2003
Drive Chain wheel
Height 5.10 m
Bearing Capacity 200 kg
Speed 0.27 m/s
Number of Accesses 2

One Main Engine(s)
Year of Manufacture 2003
Manufacturer Hudong Shipyard Diesel Engine Branch
Model 7 S 60 MC-C
Total Power 15785 kW
Type Diesel engine, two stroke single acting
Transmission Main propulsion acts directly on the propellershaft
Power 15785 kW
Main Engine Rated Speed 105 min-1
7 Cylinder(s), Diameter / Stroke 600 mm / 2400 mm
Starter Type Compressed air
Propeller(s) / Speed
1 Propeller(s), Type Solid propeller (keyless), aft
Ship's Speed 19.40 kn
Electric Installation(s)
1 Plant 440 / 220 V with 4000 kVA
1 Diesel generator 1138 kVA
2 Diesel generators, each 1325 kVA
1 Emergency generator 212 kVA
One Boiler(s)
Manufacturer Zhangjiagang Hailu Shazhou Boiler
Year of Manufacture 2001
Boiler Type Steam boiler, exh.gas heated
Max. allow. working pressure 9 bar
Heating Surface 175.0 m2
One Boiler(s)
Manufacturer Zhangjiagang Hailu Shazhou Boiler
Year of Manufacture 2003
Boiler Type Steam boiler, oil fired
Max. allow. working pressure 9 bar
Heating Surface 19.0 m2
Compressed Air Receiver(s)
2 Receivers, each 6500 liters, 30 bar
1 Receiver 320 liters, 30 bar
1 Receiver 50 liters, 30 bar
3 Receivers, each 250 liters, 10 bar
1 Receiver 100 liters, 8 bar


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