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Bremerhaven 03.98/Type of ship : Pipe-Layer|IMO number : 7409401|Length overall: 152.8 m|Length with ramp: 161.8 m|Breadth moulded: 21.3 m|Draft (max): 7.5 m|Transit speed: 12.5 knots|Fuel consumption: 28 - 32 m³/day transit 20 - 28 m³ day DP|Year of build : 1976|Shipbuilder/Place:IHC Gusto/Schiedam|Yard No: co947|1993 cv to Pipe and Cable Layer|Name' s: PETREL-89 OIL DRILLER - 90 PETREL - 93 ENTERPRISE - 95 SEAWAY FALCON -| 06 "ACERGY FALCON"Ship manager: ACERGY NORWAY AS 7, Tangen, Randaberg Norway|Call Sign : MTFA3|Flag : Isle of Man

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The Acergy Falcon is an offshore construction vessel with a flexible flowline and remote subsea module handling capability. Flexible flowlines can be stored below deck in a 1600 tonne capacity powered carousel or on reels on deck.
Early in 1996 a rigid pipelay system was installed to lay flowlines of up to 12.75 inches diameter by a ‘J’ lay method in water depths of 1000 metres. The vessel can carry up to 2000 tonnes of pipe joints and can be resupplied at sea.
She is equipped with two work class ROVs which can undertake pipeline tie-in work
thereby giving her a world wide operating capability in her three roles independent of other dedicated support vessels.


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